Adobe introduce Flash Player background updater

Adobe has this week updated Adobe Flash Player to version which is only available for Windows users. Along with the customary security tweaks, it comes with a much needed background updater. The background updater (by stealth or silent – the same way that Firefox and Chrome update these days) will allow you to choose an automatic update option for future Flash Player updates.

Malware writers will always use exploit packs to target out-of-date software (un-patched systems). it is estimated (not officially) that over 80 percent of users could be running unlatched versions of Flash. A common issue with software updates is that users often don’t know how to update their software. So users will search the Web which inadvertently leads users to download a rogue Adobe Flash Player. Hence the introduction of the Flash updater.

Adobe has made certain that the background updater will update Windows only systems and is only applicable to Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Google Chrome has Flash Player built in, so updates will be managed by Chrome. Taking a leaf from Apple, Adobe confirmed that the updater will not require a browser or system reboot. 🙂

CHROME TIP: Type “about:plugins” (without quotes) in the address bar to find out what version of Flash Player you are using.

Note: The background updates will be set to ‘automatic’ as default, but as mentioned earlier, you have the option to turn automatic updates off. By turning off updates, you will only receive notification that an update is available. To update to the latest Flash Player and alter the settings:

How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Firefox and Internet Explorer:

  • Copy and paste into your address bar
  • Download and install Adobe Flash Player
  • Go to the Control Panel > type “Flash Player” in the search box without quotes
  • Click Flash Player file to open Flash Player Settings Manager > Advanced TAB
  • Make sure ‘Install updates automatically when available (recommended)’ is checked
  • Close the Flash Player Settings Manager and you are done

Finally be aware that Adobe provides this Flash Player update as a 64 bit installer which includes both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Safe surfing folks!

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