DNT browser update – The Do Not Track Plus plugin

There appears to be many choices when it comes to using Do Not Track (DNT) extensions/add-ons with browsers. Until recently I hadn’t found one extension/add-on* that I could really truly say is easy to use and does what it says without slowing my browser experience.

TIP: Google Universal Do Not Track can still be used for some purposes such as “market research” and “product development”. I therefore suggest you consider the DNT plugin reviewed in this post.

Well, I think I have found it. It is browser plugin called Do Not Track Plus from a company called Abine. If you don’t know what DNT is then I’d suggest you take a peek at their excellent short video*Did you know? Each browser plugin refers to plugin tools differently: i.e. Chrome and Safari call them ‘extensions’ and Firefox refers to them as ‘add-ons’.

The Do Not Track Plus extension/add-on currently works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. They are currently developing this for Internet Explorer which is expected to be released in due course. Having tested this out on all three browsers, it’s doesn’t appear to slow my browsing experience and best of all the user interface is very user friendly. I’m not a big fan of extensions / add-ons primarily for two reasons – the more you have the slower your browsing experience and I end up with a rather cluttered toolbar.

TIP: Find out how trackable your browser is with https://panopticlick.eff.org/

The latest release of Do Not Track Plus was released on 13th Feb 2012. The extension stops advertising companies, social networks and other ad data collectors from following you from website to website. It also provides you with a running total of the number of trackers blocked – which is a nice feature because you can see just how many times and by whom you are being tracked. Some might say, ‘why do I care?’ If you are one of those people, you will most likely not be reading this post! 🙂

Download Do Not Track Plus for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This is the best DNT extension I have come across to date. A big thumbs up from me. 🙂

Safe surfing folks!

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  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the great writeup of DNT+, Julian! I work at Abine, and I just passed this around to everyone. Glad you like the software, and let us know if you ever have any comments, suggestions, or feedback.

    • Julian says:

      #Sarah# It’s all about providing the online world with relevant information to help them stay safe online 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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