Thieves using Facebook and Twitter to identify targets

Most of my readers probably have a Facebook account, and some of you might also have a Twitter and foursquare account. Given this blog is all about protecting your online and offline identity you might want to reconsider posting social media status updates (and amending your privacy settings), sharing your geo-location and uploading holiday pictures (check out geo-location and GPS data) while you are away on vacation.

It is a well known fact among my security community that thieves use Facebook, Twitter and foursquare to identify potential targets. There isn’t any data to support this but from conversations I’ve had in carding forums I know this is happening. Regardless of your home being locked (and having an alarm), the thieves will know you (and possibly your family) are not home, so this will allow them more time to commit their robbery and steal more of your valuables.

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Most burglaries happen in daylight and when the resident is out of the house. A recent US survey highlighted that 15 percent of Americans use social media to report that they are on vacation or left their home, while 35 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 to 34 check in or tweet about their location. Obviously if young people are updating their location statuses burglars will collect all the necessary information needed to commit the ‘break and enter’ – and wait for the parents to be out too. Burglars are opportunistic but there are many who now carefully plan their intended targets. ‘It’s all in the planning’ they say. You have been warned!

Safe surfing folks!

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