Facebook to make retroactive privacy changes ‘opt-in’

After the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation, Facebook is about to change the way it uses your personal information. Facebook is now close to reaching an agreement with the FTC to change its privacy in order to stay in FTC guidelines.

Stats: Which? Computing survey – 48 per cent of UK Facebook members say they cannot keep up with the number of changes being made.

Under the new proposed system, Facebook would require its users’ to obtain consent before making any “material retroactive changes” to its privacy policy. What this means is Facebook would have to gain approval (opt-in) from Facebook members before sharing your Facebook data in any way that differs from which you have already consented.

Stats: There has been nine new significant changes to privacy settings in the last 18 months.

Facebook has also agreed to privacy audits by an independent organization (not sure who that will be yet) over the next 20 years.Worth pointing out that these changes will not affect the way Facebook obtains user content for new features. Be warned Facebook will still be collecting your profile data/user interactions and compiling profile statistics about you.

I’m not convinced that these privacy policy changes are going to make much of a difference. The main reason – Facebook members will not read the small print and this means only one thing – members will automatically agree to the policy change regardless of what it means for them.

Safe surfing folks!

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