Amazon Kindle Fire Silk browser not so private

The Amazon Kindle Fire (launched 09/28/11) runs a browser called Silk but it also supports/runs software in Amazon’s cloud. The cloud (Amazon Web Services) will manage the browser performance i.e. loading web pages, rendering graphics and managing security (including web scripts) allowing the browser to improve performance and network connectivity. This dual performance management capability isn’t new though as we were using this type of technology way back in the ‘dial-up’ age.

With this “technology advance” comes issues surrounding privacy. Amazon already captures and analyzes huge amounts of customer data, so it’s no surprise that the Silk browser components running in the cloud might open up some privacy issues i.e. Amazon will also be presenting SSL certificates on behalf of users, so expect them to know more about your surfing habits. Amazon are probably already aware that they will be able to capture every click you make and build up a rather more ‘real-time’ picture of your browsing habits – and worst of all this will be entirely invisible to you. You will not be able to stop them, as cookies will not be stored on your local client – remember this is all happening in the cloud.

Do you want your complete online timeline stored in the cloud and owned by Amazon? One can only hope that Amazon decides to allow users to view the data it collects in the cloud and from the tablet. What will Amazon do with your data and how long will they retain it for? Only time will tell.

Safe surfing folks!

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