Mozilla Firefox 8 to include add-on blocking feature

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user and you have installed a browser add-on (third-party app), you might not realize that other apps i.e. a browser toolbar might have been also been installed on your system. Not all third-party apps ask the users permission to install (some silently) these additional programs – wouldn’t it be great if the user could decide what additional apps will be installed? Well, Mozilla appears to have been listening.

Mozilla Firefox (Firefox Aurora prebeta) will be blocking browser add-ons that install additional third-party apps automatically and in silent mode from version 8. These apps are installed in addition to the browser add-on, and in most cases you will probably not be aware of what other third-party software was installed. Mozilla plans to disable the ability for add-ons to install these additional apps and present the user with a dialogue box.

The new Firefox version (8), will also prompt users to approve previously installed add-ons, which is a very smart install feature. By default, all those installed by another app will be disabled unless approved by the users. There are security and performance issues with browser add-ons, as many of you might already know. I always try and keep the add-ons to a minimum (running only Firebug, Force-TLS, TrackerBlock and NoScript) and make sure I purge the ‘Vaccum Places‘ SQL database every week.

I’m looking forward to testing Firefox 8 and the add-on blocking feature in late September, when it is expected to be out of prebeta.

Safe surfing folks!

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2 Responses to Mozilla Firefox 8 to include add-on blocking feature

  1. VIVEK says:

    nice post sir but i want to know when it will be realeased in market ….and plz write on post on how to create backlink..

    • Julian says:

      #Vivek# I know you are genuine :), however your IP is showing up on for sending Trojans and spam. You might want to find out whether you can delist the IP – my guess right now is you might struggle to do this. As for your question – November 8th, 2011 is the release date for FF 8.0. As for backlinking, this is a selective process right now – sorry 🙁

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