How to use Twitter and Facebook inside Google Plus

I’ve been on the lookout for a reliable, safe and secure Twitter and Facebook client that installs inside my Google Plus Account. As yet I’ve been unable to find one that meets this criteria. I’m hoping Google sort this one out – given they lost access (as the deal with Twitter expired on July 5th) to the Twitter stream in Google search last month – it might not be anytime soon though. Having struggled,  I have found some interesting first attempts at syncing with Facebook and Twitter – although I wouldn’t recommend them, I really do admire the entrepreneurship and wisdom these developers have shown.

Here are some of those Twitter/Facebook clients I found (but don’t recommend right now): 🙁
Not that reliable / reported 404 errors, browser incompatability issues and no ‘delete’ button if you want to remove the app client.
This allows you to use your Twitter and Facebook streams. Some comments claim it is malicious and others say it is impossible to remove. My research is inconclusive on both counts, but I do know they are wanting some dollars for continuing to use the service.

Agent G aka Rob McGee (Saggi Malachi) claims he can sync your Facebook posts and Tweets – this isn’t a browser extension but a special Google Plus user account. It’s not that robust right now, but it should improve in time. When I tested it last week I found it rather difficult to register with Facebook and Twitter, so I gave up. If you come across more apps or browser extensions, please let me know.

If you have a Google Buzz page you could use Google+ for connecting to Twitter. However I found a much more reliable, safer and simpler way of updating my Facebook status. Use your Facebook mobile email address for posting (you are limited to 50 characters though – shame) by adding it to your own Google Plus circle, then include that circle whenever you post on Google+ and turn on notifications. (thanks to Justin Bee and Adam Dachis @

Safe surfing folks!

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  2. Gaurang says:

    Very useful info as Google + is new to us and we were facing lots of trouble importing data from other social sites.

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