Upload mobile photos to Twitter and you can be tracked

As previously mentioned in my Control your Photo and GPS tagging data privacy post it’s very easy for someone to use the mobile geo-tagged data and metadata (this is hidden data) in an uploaded photo to see where you live, who else lives there, who your friends are, where you eat etc and build an activity timeline.

The activity timeline (using metadata and geo-tagging data) doesn’t sound important but it is. Most of us conform to a certain behaviour – i.e. regularly leaving for work, going for lunch and returning home at specific times, are good examples. Can you see the potential for stalkers and fraudsters to exploit your vulnerabilities?

I’m not going to spell it out here, but as more and more data becomes ‘shareable’ the more likely it is that you will indeed lose your privacy (and maybe your identity) and in time you might find you are a victim of a crime which was helped in no part by an image you uploaded to Twitter.

If you use Twitter for example, you should know that a very useful website called I Can Stalk U is promoting awareness and solutions to the threat that mobile geo-tagging and metadata has on your online and offline identity. I suggest readers take a look. I suggest you also read my February post on ‘Control your Photo and GPS tagging data privacy“, if you want to find out more about protecting your photo privacy.

Safe surfing folks!

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3 Responses to Upload mobile photos to Twitter and you can be tracked

  1. nancy says:

    Hello, i have joined a group on facebook and my friend that is the creator of the group has added a photo of me on the group recently. However, the photo does not appear on my profile and I have tried to tag myself and i cannot do it and he has tried to tag me and the photo does not come up on my wall. Please can you advise whether there is anyway that the photo can appear on my wall/ profile from that album of the group? is there any specific settings for it? I am looking forward to your reply
    Thank you Nancy

    • Julian says:

      #Nancy# This Facebook photo question isn’t relevant to this post but it’s a photo query nevertheless. 😉 If someone else adds a photo to a Facebook group but that photo doesn’t exist in your album, the photo cannot be tagged, nor will it appear on your wall. You will need to add the photo to your album and then it will be added to that group.

  2. nancy says:

    Hello Julian,
    Thank you for your reply, Apparently, the photo that Im tagged from a group can be seen through mobile phones but not through the computer. Is there any reason for it? as ive never heard or seen anything like this before. normally the photos can be seen through computer but not through mobile phones

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