Google Plus to launch with public Profiles as default

Google is about to launch a social network called Google Plus (+), which allows people with Google profiles to manage their online identity. Most people don’t actually know that their Google profiles are ‘public’ (check out this post). Google wants you to find and connect with others online – if you have a private profile this will not work, so Google will default all profiles to the ‘public’ setting.

Only your full name and gender will be displayed on your profile, and you will be able to edit or remove any other information that you don’t want to share. If you have a ‘private’ profile and do not wish to make your profile to be seen by others, Google suggests you delete your profile. All private profiles will be deleted after July 31st, 2011. Facebook allows users to hide their profiles from others, Google Plus isn’t taking this approach. Social networks don’t work if your profile is private (hidden), but you can certainly control the data that is viewable by friends and others. I suggest you read how to secure your current Google profile.

Google is about to embark on a major integration exercise with Latitude, +1, Google Profiles, Google One Bar, Gmail, Google Chrome and of course the popular mobile open-source platform Android. This will provide Google with some serious data mining potentials, similar to what Facebook has today. Those of you who are concerned about privacy should consider whether Google Plus (aka Circles which allows you to group all your social networks into one- I did chat about social “bubbles” last year – damn :() is going to add any additional value to your online social profile. More importantly you might want to think about just how much data you want to share and how often – right now marketing companies (including Google) will be drooling….

So what problem does Google Plus actually solve, other than collating user profile data / behaviour analytics? Nothing really. Facebook does what most people want, although the privacy controls have become more layered. There is an air of inevitability when it comes to social network privacy – the vendors want to make profiles marketable (as they need to monetize the services they provide) so they make the privacy settings more comprehensive (sometimes hidden beneath multiple pages). Facebook does this and no doubt Google Plus will pursue this.

Safe surfing folks!

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4 Responses to Google Plus to launch with public Profiles as default

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  2. Julian says:

    I’m amazed at just how many site admins accept ‘pingbacks’ without checking the URLs. Pingbacks are fine as long as they don’t lead to spamming or malicious sites. We do check the pingback IP address against CBL and anti-spamming DB’s so that visitors can feel a little more reassured. 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Nothing will change when G+ goes public, for your information it went public TODAY. lol, where do you get your info?! It’s not like you click a button and your profile is totally private, you get to set each field of information to only be shown to whomever you want, just your circles, public, just specific people, or you don’t need to even fill in the field. I have most all of my fields private to only my circles… some fields even come preselected to only show to just your circles(which is what you would call private). Yeah, Google doesn’t suggest deleting your profile if you want it to be private… THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF G+!!!!!!!! The big thing with Google Plus IIISSSS PRIVACY.. seriously, what crack head are you getting your info from? You need to get a new source, or stop finding your news scratched into the side of a walmart toilet divider wall…. Google plus is about ONLY sharing your info with the people you want, only your friends circle, or your homies circle, or your “best bros” circle, or your “my side of the family” circle or your “nutjobs” circle, or publicly if you want… gah, this site is what makes the world worse.

    • Julian says:

      #Nick# Appreciate your comment. It’s about educating people, rather than scaring people into not joining G+ and I believe my post highlighted the former. Not everyone understands how these social networks work, even though they join them. I always stress that people have a choice what, when and how they share their personal data, so sites like mine I believe have a purpose. I like to think I add value to my visitors lives, by being informative on issues surrounding protecting your online and offline identity, if not then people will no doubt tell me, like you have.

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