Facebook facial recognition “Tag Suggestions” opt-out

Facebook (July 26th) announced that is has started pushing out ads across its platform, informing users how to opt-out of the facial-recognition “Tag Suggestions” technology, which I wrote about in June – How to manage and control Facebook facial recognition. “Tag Suggestions” was designed to speed up the process of labeling friends to photos, but has created a public privacy outcry.

TIP: The automated photo-tagging suggestions is only activiated when new photos are added and only friends are suggested and users can delete the feature in their privacy settings.

The major issues which I also covered in the June post, talked about how the photos could be stored and catalogued – when it was launched nothing much was really known behind the “Tag Suggestions” intended purpose. More worrying for me, is if you take some photos of people you don’t know and comment on them, they may also appear as tagged. So don’t say anything you shouldn’t about someone you don’t know!

Some people might say what’s the problem, especially given that Picasa (Google) and iPhoto (Apple) use facial recognition technology. The major difference was Facebook facial recognition was automatically enabled, Picasa and iPhoto are not. So how much personally identifiable information do you want to hand over to Facebook? Only you can make this choice.

Safe surfing folks!

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  1. Julian says:

    Here is another interesting article on a ‘facial recognition’ app that could allow someone to find out an awful lot about you from just a picture or video. A Carnegie Mellon research team are presenting their findings at Black Hat this week. Worth a read. http://bit.ly/nMffct

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