Sony PlayStation Network online in Europe and US

If you don’t know already, Sony restored the PlayStation Network (including the Qriocity music and movie service) yesterday (June 2nd) in Europe and the US. As I initially reported on the 27th April, the PSN network has been down since April since it was discovered 100 million accounts had been stolen.

TIP: What can you do to protect your PSN profile data?

The full restoration of PSN now means gamers can use their credit or prepaid cards (hopefully you don’t use debit cards!) to purchase games and other digital download content. Sony has since improved its security systems following the massive data breach along with creating a Chief Information Security Officer role to oversee privacy and security best practice improvements.

The data breach appears to have cost Sony in excess of 105m GBP. This sum includes providing gamers with identity protection insurance, customer support and investigate just how hackers managed to commit the biggest data breach to date.

Safe gaming folks!

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