Skype roll out update to fix login issue – Skype Toolbar

Skype if you didn’t know, forces updates (both performance and security related) to desktop clients from time to time. This is written in their Terms and Conditions and has been for some time. This forced update is called an “auto update feature”, but you will struggle to find any reference to this within the Skype desktop client.

As for the recent login problem where most people lost their VOIP connection (including me), Skype has been rolling out a forced update to its users to assist with logging back into the system following a software issue. Back in late May users reported a drop in their VOIP and Skype advised users to run through a multi-step process which involved deleting a file called “shared.xml” which had become corrupted. The Skype automatic update will fix this problem and users will not need to delete any file. Mac users will have also received this update.

Today (15th June) I noticed Skype forced another update onto my system called “Skype Toolbar” which is a Skype Toolbar extension to Firefox and Internet Explorer to name two browsers. To be honest I would have liked to have had the choice as to whether I wanted it installed on my machine. Google Chrome works in the same way too. If you don’t like this update policy you have a choice not to use the software. If you want to remove the Skype Toolbar then I suggest you follow the steps below:

  • Firefox: click on the orange Firefox button (or click on Tools if you have the Menu bar active) and choose Add-ons. You can then disable the offending add-on
  • Internet Explorer: click on Tools > Manage add-ons > right click and choose ‘Disable’.
  • Note: You will need to disable the Browser Helper and Skype Plug-In add-ons

Update: This option in SKYPE > Tools > Options > advanced>(change) from automatic to notify me> save is no longer available from This feature has been removed by Skype. The current version also doesn’t support this option and there are no plans to include this option in future versions.

Safe surfing folks!

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