Twitter adds permission controls for 3rd-party apps

Twitter has announced this week that it seeks to employ tougher controls on third-party apps. A quick glance at Twitters blog and we can see they want apps with access to users’ direct messages to require the need to verify previously granted permissions. This permission change comes into force at the end of this month and those third-party apps that do not conform by mid-June will have their services revoked by Twitter.

Twitters ‘permission mission’ is a reaction to what Facebook has already done regarding third-party app permissions. When you first connect to an app, Twitter will provide you with detailed information about what data the app will collect from your account – aka Facebook like. This has taken some time, but should have been done long ago. I’ve not heard of a Twitter third-party app that has malicously collected users data. Please DM the team @idtheftprotect if you have.

Twitter wants users to make informed decisions (and yes have some control) over who has access to your Twitter profile data, messages etc. Data collection and usage is a big talking point in the US right now. I have personally championed for years, that users should have complete control of their online identities and that includes third-party permission access to your profile data.

Safe surfing folks!

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