PlayStation Network data breach – free games offer

The PSN network is still offline, very bad news for all you online gamers in cyber world. The latest update suggests they are working around the clock to fix the network/server data breach. Sony is making efforts to look after their players. All users will be receiving a one month complimentary pass to the PlayStation Plus Subscription and as I reported in my original story, US based players will be given free identity theft protection for one year. At the time of writing of this post, Europeans haven’t received these offers as yet. 🙁 Sony have indicated that they will be offering two free games from a list of four.  So keep one eye open for this offer !

The PlayStation Network has now been down since the 18th April. This is the longest period in my living memory when a major customer network has been taken completely offline by crackers. So who is responsible for this major network breach? I for one will not discount ‘Anonymous’ as previously stated, but it may actually be one or some of the 200+ employees that were laid off from Sony Online Entertainment around the time of the breach. Anything is possible!

Safe surfing folks!

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  1. Julian says:

    Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold yesterday (10th May) said ‘We’re terribly sorry’, and has now promised no new deadline for the restoration of PSN. This was after Sony had promised the service would be back with gamers on the 8th May. No such luck. 🙁 It seems Sony are rebuilding PSN from root, and let’s hope they have learnt a costly lesson – ‘protect your customers data assets’!

  2. Julian says:

    Sony have commenced with switching PSN back on. ‘Yippy’ I hear those PSN gamers out in cyberspace saying! It will be a phased region by region rollout. So everyone will still have to be patient. Note: You may experience network timeouts when it comes to resetting your PSN passwords – again just be patient and you will eventually succeed. For the latest news:

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