Facebook ‘Hide Recent Activity’ and ‘Questions’ options

Facebook actually developed the ‘Hide Recent Activity’ function with privacy in mind. You probably already know that ‘Recent Activity’ can only be viewed by your friends but they could still be viewed elsewhere. 🙁 Facebook decided to disable this function which allowed users to clean up their Wall, so only ‘Status Updates’ and posts from your friends appeared. This option was removed by Facebook but in the last week has now been reinstated. The same as before, it allows you to automatically hide all current and future posts from ‘Recent Activity’. Facebook have also retained the option for you to disable this function if you wish.

So how do you hide a Wall post activity? Simple > Click on the ‘x’ beside a post/story under Recent Activity and choose “Hide all comment activity” from the drop down menu.

UPDATE 07/21/11: Some users have found there is no EDIT OPTIONS on their “Profile” and “Wall”. Here’s your solution: At the top of your HOME (News Feed) page on the right (above the “What’s on your mind” box) you will see “Top News” and “Most Recent”. Click “Most Recent” and you should now see a drop down that takes you to EDIT OPTIONS (which is at the bottom of the drop down list).

So what about “Questions”? I was asked recently whether you could hide “questions” that are visible to anyone from your profile. Well, bad news you cannot hide questions as there is no ‘x’. 🙁 This means any data (including personal) along with geo data remains on the Facebook database and in your updates. Anyone (even someone who isn’t a friend) can see your answers. This is valuable data for marketers, app developers and fraudsters alike.

Safe surfing folks!

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57 Responses to Facebook ‘Hide Recent Activity’ and ‘Questions’ options

  1. natalie says:

    Is there a way to undo it? Because I was trying to delete my recent friend activity and accidentally clicked on hide all friending activy. So I’d like to undo it but don’t know if it’s possible.

    • selma says:

      I knew it , you just have to go in your wall and then scroll down until you see the “Editing Options” at the bottom of your wall . Then click it and now you can unhide everything you’ve hidden before 🙂

      • Mike says:

        I found an “edit options” on the bottom of my news feed. There is no option to re-enable showing liking activity, only from pages and apps (to re-enable ones I’ve disabled). I disabled publishing liking activity with an option after clicking an ‘x’ by one, and now I can’t re-enable it. There are not “edit options” links on either my info page or my wall. So how do I re-enable publishing liking activity?

        • smilla says:

          I have same issue

        • Terry Le says:

          Go to “edit options” (bottom of the page), there will be a list of things you have chosen to hide. Beside them, should be an “X”. Click the X beside the one you wanna re-enable. Done!

      • n says:

        Not working I have the same problem , I scrolled down , went i the case but the option disappear so i can t click on it to bring it back 🙁

  2. Julian says:

    #Natalie# To unhide your recent activity:

    1. When you are on your Most Recent News Feed view (Home page), click “Most Recent” to expand a drop-down menu.
    2. Select “Edit Options.” (you might need to scroll to the bottom of the ‘Home’ page)
    3. Expand the drop-down menu next to “Show posts from.” Choose either “Friends and pages you interact with most” or “All of your friends and pages.”
    4. Click “Save.”

    • n says:

      but i don t have a most recent button , i looked everywhere, i have a recent stories one and when i click on it nothin happen 🙁

  3. Ifaas says:

    Hi. I can’t hide my recent activities ( likes & posts ) in Facebook. If I Click Hide All like activities its aromatically Appearing Delete Post and Unlike. please Let me to know.

    Thank you

    • Julian says:

      #Ifaas# You can only hide all recent activities on events you’ve RSVP’d to, or any other recent activity types that you want to hide.

  4. Nik says:

    when the Question-thing came up, I somehow clicked on something that prevents the questions I answered to show up on my wall..
    How can I undo that? I´ve no clue…

    • Go to your FB Wall and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Wall, you will see an option named “Editing Options”. Click it and manage your hidden activities…to stop hiding “Questions” simply click on the “X” next to it. That will remove it from the hidden items 🙂

      • Mike says:

        I found an “edit options” on the bottom of my news feed. I can only re-enable apps and pages there (to re-enable ones I’ve disabled). I disabled publishing liking activity with an option after clicking an ‘x’ by one (on my wall, I believe), and now I can’t re-enable it. There are no “edit options” links on either my info page or my wall. So how do I re-enable publishing liking activity (wall and/or newsfeed)?

    • ^^^ see “Selmas” answer to “Natalie” above…

  5. Julian says:

    #Nik# You cannot hide “Questions” in Facebook so I’m not sure what you have done. One suggestion might be to use the “Better Facebook” http://betterfacebook.net/ browser extension which is FREE. Using the Feed Filters function will give you full control over what stories you want to see or hide and a whole lot more. There are currently over 70 options to choose from.

  6. selma says:

    hi , I already tried your advice on how to unhide my recent activities as well as my future activities but its still not working , what should I do ? :((

    • grace says:

      if you hid your comment, friending, liking and questions activities you can go to your facebook profile and scroll down until you see ‘edit options’ [beside the button for older posts]. click it and you should see

      Recent activity (4)

      Comment activity X

      Friending activity X

      Things you like X

      Questions activity X

      click the ‘x’ to re-enable people to see again your activities.

      i hope this helps 🙂

      • Mike says:

        There is an “edit options” on the bottom of my news feed, where I can re-enable disabled pages and apps. There is no “edit options” on my info page or wall. So how do I re-enable publishing liking activity? I disabled it with an ‘x’ drop-down option box.

        • Julian says:

          #Mike# Facebook is evolving so I’m expecting this post along with others I’ve written to be forever changing :(. Here’s your solution which will also apply to your “Profile” and “Wall”: At the top of your HOME (News Feed) page on the right (above the “What’s on your mind” box) you will see “Top News” and “Most Recent”. Click “Most Recent” and you should now see a drop down that takes you to the EDIT OPTIONS (which is at the bottom of the drop down list). You will see ‘Hide posts from’ – click the ‘x’ to unhide any posts. You will also need to make sure the ‘All of your friends and pages’ is highlighted. . 🙂

          • smilla says:

            I have same issue, there is no more the link “edit option” on wall and it is not option on news feeds for wall

  7. nancy says:

    I have the same problem, i cannot unhide my liking activity…Unfortunately, i have only one page on my wall as all my older posts have been deleted a few weeks ago. Therefore, there is no older posts options on my wall and neither edit options activity. Please can you advise whethre there is anything else that I can do to unlike my activities?

    • Julian says:

      #nancy# A suggestion might be to click the Friends view and then click News Feed – the Older Posts box should return. :Let me know if this works.

  8. nancy says:

    Hello Julian

    I have tried to go to my News feed and try to unlike my comments and liking activity through there but it does not work. please advise?

  9. Julian says:

    #nancy# Please see my comment to #Mike# above.

  10. ashraf says:

    i hide my recent activities and how can i return it again??

  11. Urska says:

    Hello. I have accidently hidden all my likes and with whom i became friends with. These activietis should be posted to my wall but they are not. I have tried the Edit options on the Most recent news…but the window is empty. How can I fix this, cuz I would like that my “like” activities and “i have become a friend with a person” is shown on my wall.

    • Julian says:

      #Urska# Please see my comment to #Mike# above. Also, refer to the 21/07/11 update (highlighted in red in the post) re: missing EDIT OPTIONS. Quite a few people have emailed me about the missing EDIT OPTIONS.

      • BAReFOOt says:

        THERE IS NO ****** “EDIT OPTIONS” ANY MORE, DON’t YOU ****** GET IT??

        No I have not “missed it”. YOU have not checked that FB CHANGED. It’s gone!
        If you think otherwise, provide a marked SCREENSHOT, or STFU, will ya?!

        • Julian says:

          #BareFOOt# Excusing the profanity and wanting to retain your free right (although you are hiding your ID and email behind Mailinator :() to say what you want, I’ve posted your comment. In fact, there is still an EDIT OPTIONS at the foot of your profile wall. You need to keep on scrolling down before EDIT OPTIONS appears.

  12. Joe says:

    When I selected “hide all comment activity” on my wall, it ALSO disabled friends from posting on my wall, even though they’re specifically enabled to in my privacy settings. How to fix this glitch?

    • Julian says:

      #Joe# Selecting “hide all comment activity” hides ALL comment activity regardless of friends being allowed to read or post to your wall. It isn’t a glitch.

  13. Cindy says:

    My news feed is now on the left hand side of my facebook home page. I cannot update my wall. I don’t even have the status window anymore. I only have top stories and everything is out of order. Does anyone know how to have my news feed return to the top of my home page and give me back my drop down menu with “Most Recent”? I have tried fixing the “compatability view” on my web browser and it worked for a few times and now no longer gives me the option. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Gowthami says:

    Hi..i cant see my questions activity on my profile when i answer any questions asked my friends…plz help 🙁

    • Julian says:

      #Gowthami# Please can you send me a screen shot. I’ve not heard of this problem nor can I find any references on any forums. 🙁

  15. Amanda says:

    With the new and even more ridiculous changes Facebook has made, the updated fix is no longer working because there is no menu at the top to select from. I want to change my recent activity and it appears there is now no way at all to do this.

    • Julian says:

      #Amanda# Facebook are amending settings on a daily basis – all very confusing for end users and time consuming for researchers like myself – just see how long the conversation thread is to this post!. You have to now click the cross-icon (x) next to each RECENT ACTIVITY. Each activity post (when you click on the ‘x’) is different, so the option in the drop-down menu will be different. Annoying indeed! You also have to do this for each activity which isn’t ideal. 🙁

      Note: Hiding an activity on your wall simply does just that. It will appear in your friends’ news feeds still. Only if you remove a specific wall post will it disappear entirely. As previously commented Facebook are looking to fix this, but no idea as to when.

  16. Amanda says:

    I was trying to unhide my recent activity, and I did finally figure out a way to! I guess you need a certain number of posts on your wall before ‘Edit Options’ will show up at the bottom, so I made twenty or so private posts and was finally able to access the menu that let me show my profile activity. RIDICULOUS.

    • Julian says:

      #Amanda# I do mention about EDIT OPTIONS on the profile wall in one of my comments above. You are right re: EDIT OPTIONS on the profile wall, but this can only be found now, if you scroll down the page. Facebook privacy and security is starting to become very convoluted.

  17. Kanlert says:

    No one can’t see my posts(wall posts, picture posts that I post to the other)in RECENT ACTIVITY of my profile(me too), in Edit Options it was show YOU HAVE NOT HIDDEN ANYTHING. How can I bring it back to my profile?

    • Julian says:

      #Kanlert# I’m assuming you are saying your status updates, posts, pictures etc are not displaying in the News Feed? If so, you should report the problem here.

  18. story says:

    unfortunately with the NEW Facebook timeline, it is No longer possible to hide: comments on friends or other pages, uploads of photos on other pages, and friend acceptances. there USED to be a “hide all ___ activity” but no longer. It’s just “delete” which in turn, actually deletes the comment / photo / or other post.

    now seriously considering stopping all FB activity.

  19. Jeana says:

    On my news feed I clicked “Hide Story” on someone’s status. It’s been hiding all of their status updates which is exactly what I wanted.

    But now I want to unhide them but on the “Edit Options” box it says “You have not hidden anything” and I don’t know how to get their statuses back on my news feed.

    I tried hiding someone else’s statuses to see if their name would show up on the “Edit Options” box and it still says I haven’t hidden anything.


  20. jamie says:

    As three above people have said.. I hide recent activity now none of my post on other peoples walls are showing on mine? I’ve done the edit opp ect.. the box is empty saying nothings been hid when clearly it has..?! Is it a facebook fault? I’ve tried everything..
    Sad times..lol

  21. mano kumar says:

    I cant see my friends’ recent activities on their walls. However, I can see mine. And my friends said that they can’t see my recent activities either. Any solutions? Thanks in advance.

  22. tim says:

    hello julian,

    what happened to mano kumar also happened to me. any solutions on this?


  23. Martin says:

    Thanks AMANDA! That worked for me too! You are truly a genious! <333333333333

  24. Sasha says:

    I go into Edit Options and I’ve got ‘Hide Posts From’ but not “show Posts from”. I’ve noticed that since changing to timeline I’m only seeing posts/ status updates from a handful of people. I’ve found loads of forums with people with the same problem, and most say the fix is to go to the options, then find a drop down next to “show posts from”. But I don’t have this option, can anyone help?!

  25. marah says:

    my news feed page is saying i have no more posts to show there is no posts at all i didnt hide any of my friends recent activities and i clicked on “edit options” to do what you said ^ but the said you havent hidden anything
    please help me please

  26. Mahmoud says:

    first of all, most of people say u cant hide the questions and ur answers and its all public and everyone can see it even if its not ur friend….

    well, here is the good news… u can ^_^ so cheer up and follow this
    but, u cant hide them all one time, u have to do this manually for each question u want to hide at your timeline.

    HOW TO DO IT??
    1- click on your name at facebook to open ur page
    2- click on “Activity Log” button
    3- at the top right corner you will see a button mostly “ALL” with an arrow, click it.
    4- choose “Questions”
    5- u will see now each question u answered and u will see the earth icon which mean its public, u cant change this… there is a small circle at the right, click it
    6- you will see the top 3 choices, choose “Hidden from Timeline”

    Now this question cant be seen at your timeline, so that other people cant neither see it

    Note: repeat steps 5 and 6 for each question u want to hide it.


  27. kate says:

    Hi, for some reason my friends on facebook can see on my profile that “ive started using facebook messenger”, but when i look on my profle its not there? why can they see it & i cant? i want to remove it from my profile but not sure how to because i cant see it!!! HELP!!!

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