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Updated 22nd June 2011. The Facebook revolution is well and truly embedded in our everyday lives and most who read my blog will no doubt have a Facebook account. Most Facebook users actually don’t care about what status updates they post, but we have seen some evidence from our research, that some peoples attitudes to privacy are changing. The main problem with privacy, security and reputation based technology is that users have to respond to it – in most cases users will react only when something has happened – my own personal nightmare! 🙁

The major drawback to privacy and reputation control is Facebook isn’t interested in privacy mainly because it wants to rightly collate and analyze the “profile” data you and I are freely providing. Their privacy statement clearly indicates you are unable to export your data, so if you don’t want to share your life with the advertisers and marketeers then I suggest you control and manage what you post. Do Facebook own your data? Most probably yes, although the Facebook Privacy Policy does appear to be transparent on this rather sensitive issue.

Here are some Facebook reputation and privacy apps for you to try out:

MyPageKeeper NEW: MyPageKeeper protects your Facebook profile and online reputation by checking your news feedm wall posts and spamming apps. Like all the other Facebook apps I mention in this post, this one is also FREE. My verdict on this app – this doesn’t do anything different or add anything new to what is currently already available.

Reppler – this is a new free reputation-based digital content analyzer app that aims to protect your Facebook reputation. It scans your wall and your news feed text and images and aims to flag posts/images that might come back to haunt you later. Are you looking for a new job? If so, some recruiters will look to your Facebook profile to find out what you are really like! Would you stop a recruiter from doing this when you so want the job? My verdict on this app – it’s a good start but it’s content analysis execution isn’t great. High false positive count. Not helped by the fact the app cannot remove Facebook content.

Defensio Social Web Security – is a free anti-spam real-time link analysis app. It analyzes the links (including shortened URLs) on the social Web before users access them as well as posts, comments and messages. It also collects intelligence of the site (via it’s SaaS ‘in the cloud’ platform) as well as the content and embedded URL links. My verdict on this app – doesn’t detect profanity and marks good messages/posts as spam. High false positive count. Doesn’t analyze your “News Feed” content.

BitDefender safego – is a free app similar to Defensio which scans links (including shortened URLs), posts, comments and messages. Facebook recently added the HTTPS option, so it’s pleasing to note this app supports HTTPS. My verdict on this app – doesn’t work with IE8 – some compatability issues reported. Users will have to upgrade to IE9. This app analyzes your “News Feed” content and allows you delete any nasty links. It also has a low false positive count. This Facebook privacy app leads the field right now.

SaveFace – is a free bookmark utility that automatically resets your Facebook settings to restore your privacy back to ‘Friends Only’. This app doesn’t scan links or alert you to changes in your profile. My verdict on this app – simple to setup and does what is says. Worth a look if you don’t want to spend time resetting your privacy status.

Note: These Facebook apps need permission to post to your wall as this is the most direct way to alert the user to malicious activity.

Safe surfing folks!

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