Google Android exposed to rogue Market Security Tool

In my previous post I wrote about how Google was rolling out a ‘remote kill‘ feature to counter the malware app “DroidDream”. Seems some hackers in China have got their hands on the Android Market Security Tool which Google pushed out to Android users to remove the DroidDream Trojan, but it appears that this tool has appeared on a third-party Chinese app market.

It has been re-engineered so that it sends users’ text messages to a remote Command-and-Control Server. Symantec are currently investigating. Google automatically sent out the Android Market Security Tool to every Android device, so you will have no need to download and install this app from any other website.Plain and simple, if you have an Android you will have this update and any rogue apps that appeared on your device would have now been removed.

Although I like the idea of Google remotely removing apps, I would also like to have some control over what information they are about to remove or collect. None of us have failed to notice how apps have access to our contact books – all in the name of aggregating social media services. There is also the small issue of the ‘notification’ world we now live in, which sees us being updated on everything from Facebook status updates to geo-tagging our uploaded photos and video.

All of us know, we are beginning to lose control of our online identity – so maybe it’s about time you didn’t allow for example your BlackBerry Contacts App to periodically send Facebook your address book. Remember once this happens you don’t own your address book anymore!

Safe surfing Android users!

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  1. Abdullin says:

    Sad to read that malware is reaching mobile platforms. BTW I rely on a dump phone, not use smartphones (yet?)

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