Make sure Java is up-to-date to protect your PC

Oracle who develop and distribute Java, this week announced a major security update to fix 21 vulnerabilities. Yes, that’s right 21! You might wonder whether it’s actually secure at all.  Aside of this mega update, Java is important (and using an up-to-date version) and below I will explain why.

Have you ever seen the Java icon in your task tray and wondered what it does and why you should update it? Java is a programming language and is used by lots of applications. If you do not have Java, applications and websites will not work. If you don’t have Java installed on your PC you will need to visit the Java website:

Every new Java version contains important enhancements to improve performance, stability and security of the Java applications (and website browsing using JavaScript) that run on your machine. By installing the FREE update, you will ensure that your Java applications will run safely and efficiently.

Alternatively, to find out whether you have Java installed (and the most up-to-date version) on your PC click this link:

Learn more:

Safe surfing folks!

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