Google ads tracking you from site to site

Last year (2010) Google launched ‘ad retargeting’ whereby if you visit a page on an advertisers site, you will see the same ad (or related) on another site. Google uses the Google Content Network to deliver the ad retargeting via its AdWords customers database.

It’s a simple concept whereby if you show interest in a particular site (product and/or service) the Google Content Network will remarket the ads to other e-commerce websites that use this network. The ‘ad retargeting’ can display both text and image ads and is claimed to boost conversion rates and brand awareness.

My only concern with this type of marketing is it is intrusive. Google inserts a cookie into your browser to track your interests. If you don’t like this type of ‘ad retargeting’, then I suggest you ‘opt out’. To ‘opt out’, Google will disable the cookie, which will no longer associate with your interest and demographic.

Here is how you remove/disable the browser cookie:

  • Click here to visit the ‘ad preferences’ webpage to ‘opt out’ of ‘ad retargeting’
  • Alternatively you can install an Advertising Cookie Opt-out Browser Plugin which can be used in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari
  • If you use Google Chrome, you might want to consider using the ‘Keep My Opt-Outs‘ extension

Safe surfing folks!

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