Windows 7 network log-in credential problem

If you are annoyed at having to retype your username and password everytime you log-in to a home network (NAS) or Windows Server 2xxx using Windows 7 or Vista, then I suggest you read on. Windows XP doesn’t prompt you for username and password credentials – this wasn’t implemented in Windows 7 or Vista. A rather odd ommission from Redmond you might say.

Windows 7/Vista however, only remembers your credentials for the duration of your session. So if you log off or shut down your PC for example, then you have to re-enter your credentials. You will need to add a Windows Credential (this stores your credentials and automatic logon data) and make it a persistent credential – here is how:

  • Log-off your NAS or Windows Server 2xxx session
  • Type ‘credential’ into the Start menu (Search)
  • Click ‘credential’ and the ‘Credential Manager’ window will open
  • Create a new Credential using ‘Add a Windows credential’
  • Enter NAS device network name or network IP address along with your username and password
  • Log-in to your NAS or Windows server 2xxx

You have now created a new persistent credential which means you will never be asked for your credentials (username and password) again on log-in or after reboot, unless that is you change your password. One hopes you will change your password every 30 days (at a minimum) for added security.

Note: You may notice other credentials in the ‘Generic Credentials’ section. If you notice a credential named ‘virtualapp/didlogical’, don’t worry – this belongs to Windows Live Essentials.

Safe surfing folks!


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