Internet Explorer 8 InPrivate Filtering Ad Blocker

Ever noticed those advertisements that appear to follow you from website to website? Tracking companies (advertisers) make lots of money from tracking your website behaviour.

Internet Explorer 8/9(Beta) provides a competent built-in ad blocker called “InPrivate Filtering” which does a great job of stopping the ad networks from tracking your website habits. It is the only in-built browser ad blocker as of today.

IE8/IE9 has a very useful feature called “InPrivate Filtering”. You can find this under the “Safety” menu. You will also need to choose “Block for me” to turn on automatic filtering. InPrivate Filtering keeps a list of all the third-party domains that deliver content as you vist a website.

Shortcut: You can enable “InPrivate Filtering” with CTRL+SHIFT+F

Every time you visit a website that delivers ad content, InPrivate Filtering will track the ad content. So if the same ad content appears on other websites you visit, IE8/9 will automatically block this content from the ‘other’ websites. You have to have InPrivate Filtering turned on for this to work though. Microsoft doesn’t have this function set to “always on” so you will have to manually turn it on every time you open IE8/IE9.

The Ad networks will never allow Microsoft to set this function to “automatic” for financial reasons alone. So you will have to make do with manually switching this function on every time you use IE8/9. For those of you who use Google Chrome you can use AdSweep, and if you use Firefox you might want to use the Adblock Plus extension.

Safe surfing folks!

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