Facebook unveils major profile page update

Facebook has announced it his now rolling out a redesign of its profile page, by pushing more personal information and photographs to the top. Facebook announced the redesign on Sunday evening (5th December).

The redesign presents the biographical information in the front and center, including where you are from and where you work. Below the biographical information, there will be a horizontal row of “recent photographs” posted by you and your friends. There will also be a new section to the left hand side that lets you list the most important people in your life and there will be a tool that describes your connections to any one of your Facebook friends.

The profile page redesign will encourage users to share experiences and discover their common interests and highlight specific relationships i.e. girlfriend or wife – this will certainly raise the importance of this information – it will also raise the stakes for identity fraudsters to social engineer their way into your profile.

Let’s not forget that Facebookers like to add “friends” even when they are strangers. These strangers could very well be fraudsters – they could just be waiting – collecting your information with the main aim to steal your identity at the right time. Be extra careful with who you are friends with and who tags you and maybe review who your friends really are.

It’s all about how many Facebook friends we have – how popular we are – maybe also has something to do with everyone wanting to be “famous” too. I remember a quote from Andy Warhol says “everyone will have 15 minutes of fame” in the future – he may just be proved right with the Facebook revolution. Click here to visit the Facebook Blog to learn more about the ‘New Profile’.

Safe surfing folks!

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