Facebook launch facial recognition photo tagging

Facebook has announced that facial recognition will be coming to Facebook photo uploads. The main advantage of this technology is that you may never have to type in your friends names in order to tag them to your photos. Facebook will be grouping people on your friends list with similar faces together which will present them in a list when a user tags a photo. All you need to do then is just click on the Facebook recognition suggestion to tag the photo. Very simple indeed.

TIP: Facebook will allow users to OPT-OUT of the facial recognition. Use this feature if you value your privacy!

Facebook plans to roll-out this new feature on a gradual basis. The first roll-out starts next week 20th December, whereby 5% of the estimated 500m plus users upload 100m plus photos every day will have access. That is some collection of photos. There are some obvious privacy concerns (not again you say) which mean that your friends may well violate your privacy by uploading photos of you and tagging you.

Do you also really want Facebook to trawl through “your” photo albums and look for ‘facial’ pictures of people you know and don’t know? More worrying for us is if you take some photos of people you don’t know and comment on them – they may also appear as tagged. So don’t say anything you shouldn’t about someone you don’t know! This is really too much too far.

Once you’re personal information is on Facebook – Facebook owns everything (this is also applicable to most social networks). The data can be cached, archived, used for marketing purposes and used to map your Internet behaviour. In the end it is up to you to decide whether you use Facebook and how much information you upload.

Safe surfing folks!

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