Learn how to protect your Facebook Places profile

Some Facebook users will already know about Facebook Places and may well be using it. Others may know about it but do not want to use it while there are probably many that don’t know it exists. For those that are interested to know more about how your protect your Places privacy, I suggest you read on.

Places allows you to use Facebook to share your mobile (cellsite) location with your friends. This allows your friends (assuming they use Places and that they are your friends) to see where you are. It’s actually a simple concept but one that could have many applications in the future – think FourSquare. I do actually like Facebook Places, so to help protect your privacy here are some simple hints and tips:

  • Check-Ins – this is where you tell your friends where you are. You can control your checkins by clicking ‘Privacy Settings’ and you will now see a privacy checklist table. You can control who sees you by adjusting ‘Places I check in to (?)’
  • Here Now – On the same privacy checklist table (as above) click on ‘Customise settings’ and look for ‘Include me in ‘People Here Now after I check in’ and select enable or disable if you do/don’t want to appear in ‘Here Now’
  • TAGGING – Places allows friends to tag you if they know you are in the same location – if you don’t want to be tagged I suggest you click on ‘customise settings’ and go to “Things others share’ and then go to ‘Friends can check me in to places’ – click on ‘edit settings’ to enable or disable this function

TIP: You can limit not just what your friends can see, but also a contact group and an individual. Facebook will also notify you when a friend has tagged you too. These are important privacy settings you should be aware of.

My only concern right now, is that Facebook users are opted in to the ability to be tagged by their friends, they are opted in to allowing their friends’ Facebook apps to access their location information, and they are opted in to allowing ‘non-friends’ checked-in to the same place to see their whereabouts. Now, how can this be right?

Safe surfing folks!

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