How to use the Facebook remote log-out feature

If you have left yourself logged in on another PC or mobile device (or someone else has access to your Facebook account) – how do you go about removing those session(s) from another location? Here is how you control your active log-in sessions:

  • Go to the “Account Security” section on the “Account Settings” page
  • You will now see “Most Recent Activity” as well as “Also Active” – the latter will only be shown if you are active in two or more locations
  • Facebook shows the log-in time, approximate location based on the IP address along with the location/map (i.e. country) of that session

The advantage of having this information at your finger tips, is if you notice more than one session active you can click “end activity” (this isn’t shown if you have just one session and it is from the PC you are using to access Facebook). If you see more than one session you will see a link to the right of the listing to end that session. Google has had this functionality in Gmail for about two years now – so Facebook isn’t the only company using this type of feature.

Safe surfing folks!

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