Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 – the new beginning

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta has been available for download since September 15th. For those of you who have downloaded IE9, you may have noticed significant security and performance improvements.

The improvements includes the ability to monitor and manage downloaded executable files (it uses an application reputation-based system via a large cloud-based architecture – which relies on a community of users to provide data on malicious files) through the download manager. IE9, Firefox and Google Chrome all allow searches from the address bar, however IE9 doesn’t send your keystrokes to the search engines. Security aware users and privacy advocates will be pleased to read this.

IE9 also monitors and manages the browser performance – which is very important to browser users. One of the major ‘headaches’ with browsers are add-ons that reduce PC/browser performance. IE9 allows you to disable add-ons that you might not need for that session or are performance sapping.

One clever improvement with IE9 (none of the other browsers do this currently) has to be the ability to pin your favourite websites to your Windows task bar. We did notice ‘frequently visited pages’ loaded very quickly from the desktop.

The big improvment for IE9 has to be the new JavaScript engine and inclusion of the CSS3 standard. Both these advances should really change the way we all use our browsers – maybe make IE9 behave more like a native application. Microsoft hopes that IE9 will bring about a major change in fortune for the IE browser (and Redmond) – just maybe, they have found the ‘golden egg’. Over to you the users to decide.

Safe surfing folks!


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