Microsoft Windows software code exploits threat

Malware is one threat but the real threat has to be software reliability. Malware writers usually exploit software flaws i.e. Microsoft Windows operating systems. Removing the software code flaws and bugs would certainly reduce the exploit threat. Rigorous testing has been unable to remove every conceivable flaw – Windows 7 has somewhere between 40-50 million lines of code, so you can see just how time consuming and costly it would be to test every possible threat vector.
Dropping a ‘logic bomb’ (a disgruntled or social engineered Redmond employee might consider this) into the code could potentially go unnoticed. The damage (in resource and time) to the software and client (and network) would be unthinkable.  It’s probably impossible to test every potential code flaw, which is why Microsoft continues with its ‘Patch Tuesday’ on the second Tuesday of every month. This is about as good as it gets for end-users and businesses right now.
Safe surfing folks!
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