Free online credit reports for UK debt victims

UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Credit reports available online for all consumers was the headline in yesterdays papers. It was also reported on the PR newswire service.

The report is inaccurate. Only consumers who are referred by a debt advice agency will be able to take advantage of the 2GBP online credit report. Consumers who are not referred, can still apply for their online credit report with Equifax, Experian and CallCredit for a nominal monthly fee. All three agencies offer a THIRTY DAY free trial, but you do have to provide a credit or debit card number to be approved.

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UK ONLY: Consumers have a statutory right to access a copy of their credit report under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Consumers only have to pay for administration which is currently 2GBP. Link to original story: Click here

Source: ID Theft Protect

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