UK scraps identity card scheme

Many people in the UK may be celebrating the scrapping of the Labour Government’s ID card scheme, but those who paid up early are going to be left out of pocket. Last month, the new Lib Dem/Conservative coalition Government confirmed the controversial scheme was to be scrapped (Those of you who know something about the UK government data privacy – or the lack of it – will understand that this is good news).

Despite the fact those early adopters who paid out 30 GBP for the cards will now have to purchase a passport, there will not be any refunds given out. The Daily Telegraph reported former shadow home secretary Chris Grayling – who lost out on the cabinet post to Theresa May – had “signalled” there would be refunds.

However, a leaked version of tomorrow’s Queens Speech (Tuesday 25th May) has revealed refunds will not be offered. About 13,000 people signed up for the identity cards, meaning the payout would come in around the 400,000 GBP mark, but it’s unclear how many cards had actually been given out.

No one really knows if the Home Office is going to confirm whether refunds will be given. Guess all those that paid up in advance will just have to wait and see. We suggest you keep one eye with ID Theft Protect – we will let you know when, where and the big ‘IF’ you can reclaim your refunds!

Update 17th June: The UK Government has confirmed (Conservative MP Damien Green) they will not be refunding the 13,000 people who signed up and paid for the identity cards. Maybe something to do with the UK debt mountain being so high!

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