Security software/services spending to rise in 2010

According to Gartner, security software spending is set to increase by four per cent (4%) in 2010. This is of course great news for businesses like ID Theft Protect which work in the B2B security space providing niche security marketing, white paper hosting and educational broadcasting to name a few.

The Gartner report also claims that security services spending will also increase by three per cent (3%) – another piece of good news. The report highlights that the majority of spending will be driven by software focussing on email security, URL filtering, and security information and event management (SIEM). Cloud-based email and web security solutions are also expected to increase as well as third-party compliance testing.
Gartner surveyed more than 1,000 worldwide IT professionals who had responsibility for budgets, predicting what theywere likely to spend in 2010.
If you wish to download the Gartner report click here. Note: You need to register (if you are not a member) and there is also a charge for purchasing the survey.
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