Cleaning data is easy – use "Silent Calling"

Over the past month our main business telephone number has been bombarded about 3-4 times a day from an 0800 number (we did 1471 to get the full number). If you pick up the call all you get is silence. Yes that’s right total silence! This is what is called a “silent call”.

Many silent calls are a result of process known as pinging. This is very similar to an Internet Protocol (IP) ping, where the intention is to see if there is life at the destination. This is often used by data cleaning companies as a method of removing dead telephone numbers from old lists.
Each number is dialled and immediately dropped if the call is connected. The value of this type of call is that it tests the reliability of your answering machine enabling you to return calls to bona fide callers with thinking-time under your belt.

So if you are in the UK, how do you stop these ‘silent calls’ from happening? Well in fact it’s very easy:
  • Visit WhoCallsMe? website – type in the number you want to check to find more information
  • Register your telephone number(s) against “silent calling” with SilentCall-Gard*
*Each number you enter will take 48hrs to be initiated. Note: You will have to re-register each number you register, every 12 months.
So, if you are being bombarded by “silent calls” and want to stop them hassling you and your family, I suggest you act right now!
Safe surfing folks!
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