Hacker claims UK Identity cards can be hacked

The UK identity card story refuses to go away. Recently a hacker revealed it was possible to hack and clone a UK identity card in twelve minutes. The ‘white hacker’ (legal hacker to you and me) managed to clone the identity card using a Nokia phone and a laptop with the help of another technology expert. The data on the new card was changed, including the physical details of the original owner, name, fingerprints and other data. The hacker also managed to change the cloned card so that he was entitled to benefits.
The UK government denies that the hack is genuine, saying that the ID cards are unhackable. Those of us who work in security circles know this is not the case. The distinct advantages of rolling out an identity card are obvious – this includes substantial revenue return for Whitehall, passport style renewals and sale/or renting of personal data to so called ‘vetted’ third parties.
Do you remember the HMRC data loss? The CDs have never been found. None of what the Government says provides any real assurances that it is worth the investment nor will it actually deter crime or terrorism. You know what we think of identity cards….. what do you think?
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