Spammers look to image spam… again

You cannot have failed to notice we are in a recession (or is it depression?). With this comes all sort of opportunities for spammers and fraudsters. Recent research has suggested that image spam is on the rise again. Image spam involves a spammer planting a message in images and hoping you click on it….. it’s that simple!

Anti-spam filters learnt how to deal with image spam when image spam hit its peak in 2006/2007. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that it is back. Not that the approach has changed – the sales pitch and delivery technique has though! The primary focus of the image spam content is “drugs and pills” – something to make you feel better in these hard times. You’d be amazed at how successful they are in these current economic times!

What is more interesting is the technique the spammers are using. These image spams now contain a URL (www to you and me), so the user has to manually insert this to visit the website. We reported at the beginning of the year that image spam would reappear. So keep an eye open for MP3 spam (emails that replace text with an audio clip) and PDF spam. We know for sure PDF spam will reappear as PDF exploits have increased in recent months.

Safe surfing folks!

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