Twitter URL-shortening services are a risk to you

Shortened URL’s are proving extremely popular with micro blogging websites such as Twitter. More and more people are finding adding shortened links useful as they allow you to add more descriptive text – but this is also an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit shortened URL’s. These services are a great way (and at very low cost) for fraudsters to spread malware!

What are the risks to you?

  • Shortened URL’s are shorted (hidden) links that can hide a link to a malicious website
  • You might end up with a malicious file on your computer
  • Lose personal financial information i.e. online bank login details
  • Lose your personal identity and spend lots of time and money recovering your identity

Most of you will understand there is a need for a solution to this problem. After much searching we did find a browser security solution to the problem. We suggest you download a browser security add on which, when you hover over the link will show you where the link is going. Very useful indeed!

Here is our pick of the best:

Firefox – Firefox LongURL Mobile Expander
Internet Explorer – TinyURL Accelerator
Internet Explorer – Shorten with
Still searching for a version for Google Chrome!

Use Firefox or Google Chrome?

If you use either of these browsers you may have come across the ‘Safe browsing’ feature. This protects individuals from visiting malicious or phishing websites. Remember: Shortened URLs can hide the original malicious URL which then redirects you to a malicious page by clicking the link!!

Be aware!

  • Be extra careful when clicking on any shortened links
  • Make sure your ‘Safe browsing’ feature is enabled if you use Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Additionally, if you use Firefox or IE we suggest you download the browser addons.

Safe surfing folks!

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