iPhone- Warshipping

Not much is mentioned about “Warshipping” – too technical for most springs to mind.. Alas I was blown away by the very word! I thought it related to “World of Warcraft”. Lots of laughter on that one. Still it’s worth a brief explanation on what it is and what it can do….

A guy called David Maynor from ErrataSecurity is the author of a new term called “Warshipping”. Warshipping is when a new device capable of sniffing WiFi traffic is being shipped to a company, thus entering the physical boundaries that are off-limits to a wardriver.

Davids research managed to prove that you can ship an iPhone to any company and with battery running for 5 days it will stay connected with WiFi in passive mode to collect as much information as possible and return it back to the owner through a reverse (3G) connection.

Anyone thought about how easy it could be for the iPhone under 3G to be able to receive commands to receive a malicious file and transmit it over the company network?

Safe surfing folks!

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