RBS WorldPay hacked – more bad news for banks

News coming out from the US today has highlighted yet further bad news for UK state owned Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). RBS now faces a $200 million (£141 million) class action lawsuit after admitting hackers had breached security on its computer systems. (Thankgoodness they’ve admitted it!)

RBS WorldPay – the payment processing arm of Citizens Bank confirmed that for a period of 30 mins in November 2008, hackers used 100 cloned pre-payment cards to withdraw a total of $9 million from 100 cash machines in 49 cities around the world.

The company said customers will not be liable for the losses against their accounts but American lawyers are worried that thieves may use stolen social security numbers from RBS WorldPay’s computer systems to commit further fraud.

RBS WorldPay have announced that upto 1.1 million customers may well have had their Social Security Numbers accessed. RBS WorldPay say that a total of 1.5 million customer have been affected by the security breach.

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