Is the UK identity card database a good thing?

The UK’s proposed identity card database will never be 100% secure! I’ve been saying this since I started ID Theft Protect back in early 2006.
A recent report from the UK’s Information Assurance Advisory Council claims that a national identity database is essential as the need for each person to have a “trustworthy” electronic identity increases. This is totally daft.
If you look at the data breaches, most of the serious breaches have happened with the government. Think HMRC, where 25 million records (that’s right 25m!!) disappeared and a yet no one really knows where the missing CD’s are. Maybe they are down the side of the sofa? Either way, not to know where the CD’s are is a serious breach of data.

Have you heard anything in the media about them?? I don’t think so. So why would you trust a UK national identity database with your personal and potentially financial details any differently?Also worth a mention is – could the database be manipulated?

What do I mean by “manipulation” – this could involve wiping your very existence and removing you from society – it might also contain inaccurate information (which if held by government will prove difficult to amend) – the government will also consider the value of this data, so expect them to sell it the highest bidders – or worse the data may be compromised (hacked is a good word!) and 61m UK citizens will be at very high risk of identity/financial fraud.

A practical and less costly approach might be to use the existing DVLA database, the Credit Reference Agencies databases and Identity and Passport Service database to authenticate and verify rather than invest billions of taxpayers much hard earned money and putting all our lives at risk of identity fraud and potential financial loss.
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