CBL error when sending an email from home

Some of you may have experienced problems with sending emails at one time or another from home and inadvertently thought your ISP was to blame.

One of the most common errors I’ve found when sending email with my Outlook, in particular 2003 (I know it affects 2007 as well) is that for some unknown reason it shows a ‘CBL sending and receiving error’ now and then – more importantly some people have been unable to send emails for days, which is very annoying indeed! (AlertMe: I understand that this CBL error also affects other email systems)

Lets get one thing out in the open – you might have a spam bot on your computer! A spam bot will send out spam from your IP address (think of this as your post code). However (this is a very big however), you might not find anything at all after using a FREE bot remover like Spybot.

If so, I suggest you find out your IP address:
Then go to:

Type in the IP address

You will then need to follow the instructions for removal of your IP address from the blocked list. Scroll down the page to where it says: “Okay then, how can I make sure I won’t be listed again!” You should then see some bullets. You will need to look at the top bullet where it says ‘NATS‘ (not ‘nuts’ which some of us are!!:))- this is the firewall that you would be using. Click the link to the right and have a read. At this point you might want to run Spybot. Finish reading and scanning with Spybot and return to the previous page.

Removing your IP address from the CBL listing

Scroll to the bottom and ‘check’ the ‘I have read the above explanation‘ and then click ‘Remove .

You’ll have to wait about an hour or maybe two and then try sending your email(s) from the domain or domains that had the original CBL errors. All should then be fine. If you experience a CBL block again you may have a spam bot on your computer. So redouble your efforts, and look for it with Spybot or visit my website – www.id-theftprotect.com for further guidance.

Safe surfing folks!

AlertMe: Website administrators might want to look at http://www.openspf.org/Project_Overview – this will help setup an SPF. This is the defacto site for stopping forged emails from being sent from your mail server.

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2 Responses to CBL error when sending an email from home

  1. Anonymous says:

    The reference to SPF is incorrect.

    SPF allows you to specify where your valid email comes from.

    SPF attempts to deal with email forged with your domain coming from the wrong place (eg: a spambot).

    It has little to do with your machine becoming infected and sending email forged with other people's domains.

    SPF is not universally supported, so it generally makes little difference at all in any case.

  2. Julian says:

    Thanks anonymous for your reply. You are correct re: SPF.

    Correction: The big problem is that not many mailservers are configured to actually check for SPF records, rendering this process useless. 🙁

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