Will people purchase internet security products in the current economic climate?

You are all aware of the current economic climate (if not I guess you have been living in a cave for the best part of the last year! :)). Sadly with a downturn comes job losses, company closures and less consumer spending. The last point ‘consumer spending’ is what I going to briefly chat about in relation to internet security. Will consumers continue to purchase internet security?

Well, I actually believe that consumers will spend on internet security. Why? Lots of companies are merging and going into administration. These companies will be targets for criminal gangs attempting to exploit the change in management focus – which is primarly saving the company. Security becomes a secondary issue. Hackers know this and that the data companies hold may well be more valuable than the company itself. Phishing emails would target a failing company, luring its customers into providing sensitive personal data (you can guess how they would achieve this…..)

Individuals (you) are also a ‘weak spot’. What do I mean? Sadly when people lose their jobs (and if they work in the computer industry) they may well turn to fraud. Trend, Symantec and others have indicated that this might happen. I’m going to agree with them on this one… I’ve heard in a previous recession of individuals turning to hacking…. enough said.

Another area will be ‘CVV dumping’ – this is where individuals sell and buy stolen or dummy credit cards/personal details online. For the most part you would need to know where to look and also the person(s) you are selling/buying the credit card details from will need to trust you.

I know you are saying this is all a bit of scare mongering. Well it might be! but who knows?

Safe surfing folks!

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