Twitter celebrity accounts hacked

In the past few days Twitter has revealed that it’s ‘backend’ (the support and maintenance part of the website) was compromised (‘hacked’ to you and me).

I use Twitter and love it. It’s not as time consuming as say Facebook. Endless ramblings on your wall, unnecessary poking and other blurb is not something I want to waste my time doing. I’ve got better things to do. Oh and I’m not boring… Social websites should be just that – social ! Not used for useless stuff like poking… sharing pictures and content though is an excellent way to share your life and of course it’s fun but alas as Twitter has proved, if your account is compromised you could end up with a very red face 🙁

What can you do to protect your online identity? It’s simple and I’m sure you know what I’m about to say…

My simple advice is to regularly check your content on all your social profiles. This way you are in total control and feel assured that all the information posted is accurate and most importantly is written by you!

Safe surfing folks!

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