Internet Security needs an ‘Edaware strategy ‘

Everyone who works with us and know me – understand what I am trying to do – we provide education and awareness to the masses. I haven’t yet achieved what I want – which is educating the masses with limited or no technical jargon – that will happen in due course (rest assured!).

So what about Edaware?

Edaware (Abbreviated word for Education and Awareness’) is an importang ‘cog’ in the wheel – this is something I have been talking about for the best part of the last 3 years. Has anything changed? Well, I personally have seen a shift by the major security players (McAfee, AVG, Avast! to name a few) which suggests they have realized that there is a value-add to increased education and awareness. The opportunity is clear. These companies can upsell existing/new products to their client base (with their trusted brand) with the obvious ‘edaware’ strategic approach.

Clearly there has to be a return. Most of the feebie antivirus vendors understand that people have downloaded their free antivirus because it is free – people may well have downloaded more than one vendors antivirus, so finding out what people want and need are in fact two different marketing attractions. Firstly, ‘what people want’ is ‘total security’ or the belief they have this! – the second, ‘what people need’ is where most internet security companies have failed. Most consumers (individuals), employees too – have little or no idea what the technology does or why they need it, so when you see product technical descriptions, it doesn’t surprise me most people are confused as to what they actually they want or need or whether it is relevant to them.

Maybe in time the ‘learning curve’ will be part of the marketing cycle? I’ve personally only wanted to do one thing – tell the world that protecting your identity is as easy as making a cup of tea! If it wasn’t, then why isn’t every computer on planet earth infected with a malicious program? (Maybe they are and we don’t know it yet!!!!!) I’ll leave that one with you safe surfers!

Safe surfing folks!

It’s Data Privacy Day – 28th January – did you know this? Do you really care? click this link to Microsoft –

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