AVG and Sana Security show the way with consolidated offering

AVG recently purchased a US company, Sana Security (we know both companies well) whose flagship product SafeConnect monitors your running programs for any changes and alerts you. AVG have realised that where the corporate market talks about ‘end-point solutions’ (managed all in one box security i.e. antivirus, ,anti-keyloggers, sand boxes, heuristic protection, antispyware, firewall, encryption etc), the consumer market is crying out for something similar.

For the best part of 5 years I’ve been writing about how consumers need an ‘end-point’ solution. At last (and I know AVG are not the only ones) there is a movement to offer customers a collection of security applications that go some way to offering ‘complete’ protection. The word ‘complete’ is a dangerous word to use, I know. I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say it will take the freebie internet security companies – AVG, Checkpoint (ZoneAlarm), (another friend) and Avast! (another friend of ours) to name a few, to really point consumers in the right direction and look further than just antivirus and a firewall with some website filtering.

Lastly for me, it is important to move internet security vendors away from signature based detection to a heuristic behavioural model. With more of the major players investing in this type of technology, the gap between when a virus is in the wild, detected and removed will be even less – in effect providing ‘realtime protection’ once and for all!

Safe surfing folks!
p.s. I know we have many friends… Happy Days!

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