Identity Theft Worm Hits Facebook

Koobface, a sinister virus that attacks users with spyware and searches their system for sensitive passwords and credit card numbers, has now been found on Facebook, the super-popular social networking site.

Given that most readers of this column will either use Facebook today or know someone else who may, Koobface poses a daunting threat to the online community.

According to reports, the virus spreads via messages sent between friends on the site.

When one user is infected, his or her account will send messages to friends like, “you just look awesome in this new movie!” or “they said some bad things about you. Click here to see them.” Of course, most Facebook users can’t help but want to find out exactly what these messages mean. Even those distant, grade nine friend-of-friends will make many users of the site click on to find out more about all the juicy gossip.

If users do click on the link, they’ll be led to a site asking them to update to a newer version of Adobe’s Flash player. Downloading that bogus software will instead infect the victim’s computer with a nasty worm that searches out personal information that can help hackers steal identities. Of course, social security and credit card numbers, along with banking passwords, are gold mines.

No one is yet certain who is behind Koobface, which first hit MySpace users over the course of last summer. Victims are located throughout the globe, making it tough to pinpoint a suspect, or suspects.

ID Theft Protect suggests Facebook users be vigilant when posting personal information. Fat chance in that happening… 🙂 Be careful who you link with – don’t think that having a high number of friends on your profile is kudos! It could open you up to even bigger problems… like Koobface!

All Facebook users have been warned!

Safe surfing folks!

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