FAKE Vince Cerf Twitter feed used for spamming

Twitter account in the name of internet luminary Vint Cerf has been suspended after miscreants abused it to send link spam.

Cerf, whose role as one of the founding fathers of internet technology will be familiar to Reg readers, is currently chief internet evangelist at Google, selected Twitter co-founder Biz Stone as one of the net visionaries to quiz on the future of the interweb when he guest-edited a Guardian column in December 2007. read more

ID Theft Protect says “online impersonation” is a growing problem… can you verify that the person is who they say? We think probably not! Vint Cerf is a legend at Google – one of the founding fathers… (maybe he’ll come out with a great idea on how to stop this from happening in future???) so we are not surprised to read this. Why bother with “online impersonation”? Simple – “discredit someone” or use for “spam”. What a sad world this is becoming!

Safe surfing folks!


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