‘Facebook for Kids’ is a real threat to your children

A new social network website claiming to be a “Facebook for Kids” is riddled with security shortcomings, security researchers at Cambridge University have warned. The site – School Together Now – said that it took security seriously and promised to review the findings of the Cambridge researchers.

ID Theft Protect says that this is a very dangerous step. No moderation, no validation of a childs age, anyone can publish content (and worse still the content is visible in for say Google) and only four people moderate at any one time are just some of the issues we have highlighted. Outside of the obvious issues parents really need to move away from this type of social networking site.

We know many friends with children and I’m sure they will be very concerned – that said if a trend is set parents will follow and so will the children. Our initial thought is this will probably take off, but that doesn’t remove the risks to your children – potential exploitation and grooming by a sexual predator. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Safe surfing folks!

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