Scareware – beware what you click on!

Scareware is on the rise. Tactics used include fake websites claiming they can scan your computer for malicious programs. Better still the results they provide nearly always say you have a whole rack of malicious stuff residing on your machine. Well, let me tell you. If you do indeed click on one of these online scanners they will not only tell you, you have malicious stuff on your machine but it will also persuade you with pop ups that you must purchase to remove the nasties (if there is any spyware or other nasty on your machine at all!!).

For more information on the Antivirus menace doing the rounds click here:

Shock horror – Scareware menace

Sadly you don’t get much for your money (are you actually that surprised?). At best you’ll get a keylogger (which copies each key you press) or some other malicious program that will install itself on your machine. It will either collect information on which websites you visit or worse still collect your keypresses…. so do not do any online banking if you believe you may be a victim of this scareware scam! Some of these nasty programs are appearing to slow computers down and crashing them and I’ve also heard people are also having problems loading Windows XP & Vista after one of these online scans.

Don’t worry help is at hand…

I suggest you use our ‘Find a solution’ zone if you want to safely visit a website. Our analysts do the leg work for you, checking each website and their products for any unusual activity. If we find a problem, we contact the vendor and then if we are not happy with the reply we will remove the solution from our listings.

So for those of you wishing to run a FREE online scan, I’d suggest you click here: then click on the drop down and go to “online scanners”. We list a comprehensive list of online scanners that are safe to use.

Feel safer now? I certainly hope so. Remember we are here to help all of you! Come join us..

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Safe surfing folks!

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