Anyone noticed it is UK Identity Fraud Prevention week?

Right. Lets get straight to the point here. I actually believe the current news surrounding the banking crisis has probably hampered awareness of identity fraud here in the UK this week. However, there has been some traffic about relating to this awareness week. Here’s my thoughts thus far……………….

What is plain to see is that the press releases (not many might I add) all appear to have different messaging. What an earth is going on here? Why isn’t there one message from the government outlining what they are doing and what they intend on doing? Sadly I personally know that we are some 5 years behind the USA, especially concerning awareness and the sheer number of companies within the anti-identity fraud industry, so no surprise that UK plc is somewhat lacking in interest surrounding the fastest growing crime in the world.

So far this week we have seen no less than a dozen press releases on what consumers and businesses should do to protect themselves from identity fraud. Sadly none of them clearly show the problems and provide the appropriate solutions (and all have different messages – how confusing???). How an earth do you expect people to be aware of the solutions (like credit monitoring) when they have no idea of the actual problems??

It’s 100% frustrating indeed to also see that we here in the UK rant on about the risks of identity fraud and yet the UK population (I know this from our friends here in the UK) doesn’t appear to care or maybe doesn’t understand the ‘actual’ risks! Take a visit to the US and you will see an established market of products which include credit monitoring, internet security, profile tracking services, insurance etc. There is also a move to mobile banking – this sector is one of the fastest growing…. in fact identity fraud encompasses, internet security, mobile phone security, insurance, banking, vehicles, buying a home and so on…. in fact every part of your life!

I’m blowing my trumpet here because for some 2 years now I’ve seen no guidance for consumers on what the actual problems are (apart from us of course!!!)…. in fact for those of you who have been victims, you will only know too well just how much trouble clearing your name is. I personally believe we should all be proactive not reactive. But for me I’m trying to change the way you think about your ‘profile’ – your lifestyle…. your very existence on this planet. Sadly this is a slow process… in fact much slower here in the UK than in the US. What do we do to change this? Well I’m not going to do a marketing pitch for ID Theft Protect – but it does provide a central portal for users to find out what the problems are and what solutions are available. No other website in the UK provides this support and advice. Not even the government! Do you trust the government? Would you trust us? Well trust is something you earn in my eyes. Google me if you want? Find out who I am working with? Find out who I have worked for? You’ll learn many things about me including my passion for IDTP!

That’s enough said from me. All I can do now, is wait for people to realize the problems with the hope of acting upon them in the not too distant future.

Safe surfing folks!


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