Protecting Your Identity is a complex process

So many of you email me and ask just how do you protect your online and offline identity. There is no one hard and fast rule of thumb. In fact to protect your identity from fraudsters you would need to do a number of things.


Most people assume and rather wrongly that all you need is Internet Security for your computer and a credit monitoring system for protecting your credit (which most of you have no idea what it is let alone how it can help your life feel safer).

Try our online magazine – SBS e-Guide

Our SBS e-Guide will show you what protection you will need – PERIOD! In fact everything you need from anti-keyloggers (software that hides your keypresses) to safe browsing and encryption (hiding your hard drive from prying eyes)…. we only recommend solutions while at the time conveying in very simple English why you should use it. So if you find something on another website and are unsure of how safe it is, tell us and we will find out for you!

The Offline World

Outside of the computer world our SBS e-Guide will show you how to protect your mobile (cell) phone, protect your credit card and history, stop junk mail, remove you and your family from marketing databases and more… All of this can be done for FREE or a minimum cost to you… but think the bigger picture… you’ll have piece of mind for you and your family to get on with enjoying your life!!!!!

Easy, Simple and….

It’s very easy, simple and does not have to cost much to make sure you are not the next victim. Take action now and come visit my SBS e-Guide! I’m positive you will not be disappointed. If you are, email me and I will make every effort to personally respond to you to find out how we can help you.

Remember this “be proactive now – don’t wait to be reactive as it will be too late!!!”.

Safe surfing folks!

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