Phishing phrases to keep an eye on

The McAfee Avert Labs has released the top ten email phishing phrases they found in August.

TOP Ten phishing phrases August 2008
You will see the following phrases in the “Subject” field in spam emails – they may also be contained in the message too. Do NOT open an email that contains the following:

1. Update Your Billing Information.
2. Your Account with Google AdWords.
3. Please re-submit your payment information.
4. Your AdWords Google Account is stopped.
5. You have one or more alerts.
6. Update your payment information.
7. Exclusive Back to School savings from PayPal
8. Submit your payment information.
9. Please submit your payment information.
10. Please Re-activate your account.

Want to find out more about phishing phrases, then click this link:

This is useful information to a point, but I’m wondering how useful it is to the people who matter most… consumers (everyday non-techies)? I’m 100% confident the techies will be delighted to see this information but most of the general public will not give a monkeys!

FIVE things to think about:
1. how and where are you going to refer to this?
2. just how useful is this type of information?
3. will users refer to it everytime they receive an email?
4. a user might delete a perfectly safe email with the same phrase – oh dear!
5. most spam filters will filter these types of emails – if they are any good that is!

Useful tip to remember – not all emails that contain these phrases will be malicious. If in doubt about an email do not click on any links.

Here are some useful links. Worth “bookmarking” from Internet Explorer or Firefox:

Received SPAM: click here: Stop Spam Forum *Handy Tool
Type in an email address and it will tell you whether the email is spam
Received a PHISHING email: click here: MillerSmiles *
Handy Tool
Find out whether you have received phishing and identity theft email scams

If you want to have information like the above at your fingertips and more… then why not register for ID Theft Protect’s SBS e-Guide. Please click the link below to register:

Safe surfing folks!

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