Nokia mobile downloads – watch your pocket!

Hey nokia users,

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a Nokia N95 8Gb (I personally have one) (or any Nokia Series 60) then you might like to watch out when you click on the ‘Download” icon from the ‘Menu’ zone.

Reason is, I’ve spotted that when you attempt to install a vast majority of the freebies from the ‘Download’ area a disclaimer appears which says the vendor will send you an SMS at premium rate or even more make a WAP connection for you…. This is sneeky.

Firstly it is not FREE as claimed and secondly why would you want to receive an SMS? If you were registering to buy the software I couldn’t argue with this process. Sadly Nokia has got this one wrong but they do have a disclaimer on opening of the ‘Download’ area, so legally they are covered.

My suggestion is to be extra careful when downloading from this area and read the disclaimers too, purely because you could end up being charged for something that claims to be free and that only has limited functionality.

Safe surfing folks!

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